Pandemic Code of Conduct

I wrote down the first version in January 2021 - And adapted it every once in a while. See it as a point in time version that will change based on the situation.

I think it's easier to have a written down code of conduct as it gets increasingly hard (or confusing or at times just plain stupid) to navigate in-person restrictions. So writing down how I will go about it feels like the easiest way. Of course, this can be eased when case numbers are lower.

  • #1 Rule - I prefer to meet online/remote - It's been 21+ months of pandemic situation, you should be able to get a simple call going. Jitsi, Zoom, Phonecall, everything works.
  • Meeting in person: I would prefer to meet outdoors (take away beverages, long walks - trust me, the outdoors are great).
  • Meeting in person (indoors): max. 5 people. We will wear masks. Unless there were tests and mutual consent to not wear masks or you are a close regular contact
  • If I feel people are not taking the situation seriously, I'll excuse myself and leave.
  • If I feel bad/ill: I take symptoms seriously; I will cancel (also on short notice) and expect the same from you.
  • Please accept that I might not join an additional leisure online meeting in the evening - My typical workday is already packed with online communication.
  • When necessary or reasonable, I'll self-test, so it's easier to meet in person and lower the risk for all involved people.
  • I'm fully vaccinated.
  • I'll keep a journal dating 14 days back with all my contacts - to aid a potential contact tracing.
  • I'll keep the Swiss Covid App running on my phone at all times.
  • I will actively look to reduce the number of people I meet in person (meaning there is a small circle of around 5 close contacts).
Last Updated: 2021-12-13 | Licence: CC BY-SA 4.0