Bastian Widmer - /now

I had a nice 2 weeks time off where i spent a lot of time working on things at Freilab and rebuilding a small Solar System. I also got a priate tour at the Fraunhofer Institute in Freiburg and learned a lot of things around what they do around solar panels. Impresive stuff.

GPN was fun - Did a few shifts taking care of video and also live editing.


Currently, i am thinking about building a few things. Luckily I'll spend some time at Freilab in the coming weeks.

  • I'd love to build a small geodesic dome - Let's see if that happens
  • Working a bit on my 3D-Printing and making skills
  • PCB fabrication looks interesting reading a bit about this Currently

Going to meet people

I really like the small chaos community gatherings, so my plan is to attend the following ones when my schedule allows

That's it for now - you can find me on Mastodon if you want to chat.

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