Bastian Widmer

Bastian Widmerhe/they — er/-

A technologist contributing to open source software.

Technology and open source software interested person, doing things on and with the internet. Breaking production and yelling at the cloud together with the great humans at

  • Interessenbindung / Affiliations

    Zwecks transparenz — offenlegung meiner Vereins-, Gewerkschafts- und Genossenschafts-Mitgliedschaften

  • Abstimmungen

    Punktuell verzichte ich auf das Wahlgeheimnis und veröffentliche meine Meinung zu den Abstimmungen

  • Meet me?

    My calendar is mostly open - If you want to talk tech or business that's the way to go

  • Pandemic Code of Conduct

    To make it easier to navigate the space of changing regulations and set expectations. I've written down my few rules, so you know what you can expect from my side.

✍️Written words on the blog

Now and then. I sit down and still write into my blog. Posts have always been published at a very unsteady pace. Also, I tend to switch between German and English between posts - Everything is a simultaneity