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Why this Techtalk?

A simple excercise

Problem fixed : VARNISH!


Hey Bastian a simple riddle...
...you've got an untested Server environment with 2 Frontend-Servers and 7 up to 40 on it they get aprox. 90k - 220k Hits/Site each month.
Will this work?

Let me calculate that...

(23 Sites*155*10^3 hits/months) / (30days*24hours*60minutes) = ~82 Hits / Min...

in plain english... pretty much traffic!


Kyte from Keynote

Costs : 20k - 40k $ if a consultant plans the tests (Load Pro Plan)

An IT Company from Berne

Costs : 60k - 80k SFR

Selfmade Solution

Costs : 120 SFR

The Tools

many more like Apache Bench, Siege, curl-loader

Roll your own Loadtest

Roll your own Loadtest

Run the real deal Loadtest

Grinder in the Cloud

Loadgenerators : 10 Hosts with 3 Workers on 5 Threads = 150 parallel users at the same time

Go Advanced!

And then... ANALYZE the DATA!


for not falling asleep.

Campus Bern

16th of May 2011 19:00, Meteotest Bern


The Start situation aka "Baseline"

You define the Load, The Hits, and the Paralel Threads

The end situation (after your optimisations)